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Mar 13
Just a long shot but I wanna see if anyone knows; I had my nipple pierced in June last year, and the migraine piercing in my ear done in like..idk August maybe and up until last week neither of them healed. They were scabby everyday, they bled, they pussed they HURT. Couldn’t touch either of them, they made me angry because I would flinch if anything went near them or if I caught them so I decided my nipple was worse out of the two and I took it out, then, miraculously my ear has been fine ever since. Can touch it, twist it, play with it, no puss, no blood, no pain no nothing. Is this coincidence or what? Like wtf happened. Would my nipple have healed if I took my ear piercing out? Is this a thing that happens?
Mar 14
The two are not related at all
Mar 20
I just have no idea how that’s possible to happen
Mar 20
It probably just needed time to heal
Mar 20
Yeah but it had been like months, over 6 months at least and the exact moment I took my nipple piercing out my ear was fine. It’s so weird. Could it be like too much stress on the body or something? I have no clue so strange
Mar 20
Yeah I think it could have just been a coincidence. I’ve gotten multiple piercings at one time and nothing like that has ever happened. Did you touch them a lot? They could’ve been infected
Mar 20
They were always really scabby and painful. I only touched them to clean them or try to loosen them really. Must just be a huge coincidence

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