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Oct 7
My ex and I broke up last July and we haven’t spoken or seen each other since. We still have friends in common but we keep our lives separate and today I was telling a friend of mine how I wanted to try the new gym in our town because it’s only $10 a month and it seems to be exactly like 24 hours but I wouldn’t have to pay $39.99 a month but he told me that’s the gym my ex goes to and I’m trying to decide whether I should still do it and just pray I never bump into him or just stay at 24 hours..
Oct 7
At this point you’re two separate people who once shared something together. Don’t let something like that hold you back from what you want to do
Oct 8
You shouldn’t let him stop/hold you back from living your life
Oct 8
Only you can decide you know when he works? My ex and I were joined to the same gym and I used to just go when I knew he was in work, but it was annoying I couldn’t go any other time (because I really didn’t want to bump into him) so just cancelled my membership. At first I thought I wouldn’t care about bumping into him but when I imagined how the encounter would actually go, just thought it was better to not put myself in that situation haha.

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