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Nov 19 22
Hi girls! So how do you guys calm yourselves when you’re worried about a pregnancy? I know I shouldn’t be worried because it’s not like anything’s going to change even if I’m freaking out but I can’t help it. Any advice? I’m asking because I see a lot of support on everyone posts
Nov 19 22
Just a friendly reminder that not everyone here identifies as a girl :) Well there’s not much you can do unfortunately, you need to take a test in 3 weeks to ensure the plan b worked. In the future be more responsible and use condoms if you don’t want to worry like this
Nov 19 22
@kitarah Thank you for the reminder, you’re totally right! I’m very responsible, this was a one time thing and I’m worried because it was also my first time using a Plan B, I’m already all set to start taking a birth control pill this month as soon as my period arrives. I used to take another pill two years ago but I had to stop for some reason. I’m just worried because I’ve never been in this situation before.
Nov 19 22
Please use gender-neutral terms in your posts, thanks!
Nov 19 22
@aurielle yes, if you read above you can see that I thanked for the reminder the person that first answered my post. Thank you as well.
Nov 19 22
Google anxiety breathing techniques. That helps me when I’m anxious about something
Nov 19 22
Nov 19 22
@bluerose9 Thank you, I appreciate the advice. @nikeyxo Thank you for sharing your post with me!

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