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May 20
So I’ve been off work for 2 months due to covid but I texted my manager saying I feel comfortable coming back a few days ago and I could start next week. He asked me yesterday if I could come in which I said “Hi I can’t come in today because I’m finishing my online class but I can come in tomorrow?” Basically asking like if he needed me tomorrow (which is today). I kinda was hoping he’d actually start scheduling me next week but now I’m stressed he expects me to come in today because I’ve gotten no response to that text that I sent him. I don’t rlly wanna go in yet and I asked my mom what to do and she said to not go in or text him bc no response means he doesn’t need me to come in. Any advice?
May 20
If you’ve got no response that doesn’t mean he’s expecting you. If you’re hoping for then to schedule you in next week call your manager and ask over the phone (if possible), calling is a much more efficient way of communicating with your employer x After a call you can always text or email saying: thank you for you time over the phone (and then summarize what you guys agreed on).
May 20
I might be oldstyle but in case of doubt I like to call and clear things up. I usually don’t text with my chefs anyways. Calling is more official. So I’d say call. Them not texting might just mean that they forgot to respond, not that they don’t need you.

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