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Oct 17 19
I’m trying to make an appt for a mild UTI but the dang doctors are booked 😤😤
Oct 18 19
Urgent care
Oct 18 19
@bbnn Nah it’s a mild uti. I had burning a while ago but I used azo & cranberry pills to help with that. Now I’m experiencing a huge fatigue and a slight fever 😤
Oct 18 19
@bbnn I’m planning to get an appt by tmrw or the next day after tmrw
Oct 18 19
If you are in the US look at the scanwell health app. You use a UTI test kit and get antibiotics prescribed that day via the app
Oct 18 19
It's only good though if you get the kit ahead of time
Oct 18 19
@Alpaca Thanks for the tip! 👍
Oct 18 19
Do they do walk in centres where you are?
Oct 18 19
@sugarnspice They have but it’s kinda far where I live and I usually don’t have access to a car, but today I actually get to use my brother’s car so I’m gonna make an appt today. It’s a mild UTI, so it’s not too bad, I’ve been managing
Oct 18 19
Oh fab! UTIs can become serious if they’re left untreated so glad to hear you’re gonna make an appointment!

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