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Nov 6 19
TW I was on a night out a few weeks ago and got super drunk so apparently my friend was taking me home (I have no memory what so ever of the end of the night), the next morning somehow I’d woke up in this random guys bed and apparently we had sex on the night. I feel like I would have been super keen on the night (knowing how I am when I’m drunk) but the fact my friend was taking me home cause I was too drunk and the fact I can’t remember anything makes me feel like it would have been clear I was too drunk to consent? Idk
Nov 6 19
If you can’t remember what happened you were too drunk to consent
Nov 7 19
This is horrible. You were definitely too drunk to consent and I am so sorry that this happened to you. Are you okay??
Nov 9 19
Yeah for a few days when I thought about it I was a bit confused and grossed out when I first realised but I’m fine now which I think is weird? I know I would have been keen for it on the night though so I’m confused but I must have been clearly very drunk for my friend to be taking me home x
Nov 9 19
@Awg1 it’s not weird. Everyone responds to these kinds of situations differently. Whatever you are feeling is valid, and if it changes that’s valid too.

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