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Nov 22
tw: misogyny //vent kinda? okay so i’m a compsci major and one of my classes atm is a computer ethics class. it’s an interesting class and i’m glad it’s required in my degree but my prof,,,says some things that feel questionable. today during class he said they (the university) wanted him to talk about diversity issues in computer science, but he doesn’t want to do so bc he said his views on the matter don’t align w what the university wants him to discuss. he didn’t go too in depth bc class was ending but he said smth abt how he doesn’t feel that computer science is a “misogynistic patriarchy” (im not sure if he was quoting the university or if they’re his own words but i assume they’re his own words). i don’t know what exactly the university wants him to say but it feels like to me that he thinks women in computer science don’t experience sexism? or smth like that idk he’s been vague. but i feel like him being a white guy, he doesn’t get to dictate how actual women (esp woc) in the field feel abt the environment. he’s well liked by the rest of the class so i just feel like i’m in the minority feeling like this😶
Nov 23
Have you tried talking to any of your female classmates about this? Chances are you're not the only one who felt this was weird and questionable. Diversity IS an issue in stem fields, that's just a fact. Remember discrimination works by making us feel like we are the only ones experiencing something or noticing problematic behavior, maybe even speaking to an advisor or higher up in your department would be helpful.
Nov 23
@aurielle our prof made a discord server for all of us so he can easily keep us updated and so we can all chat, but we’re not allowed to dm each other :/ the class is online too so i don’t see any of them irl. the computer science department as a whole has a discord server as well, and my prof is in it. idk the specifics of what happened but from what i heard he sent in some conservative memes, a student reported him bc they felt uncomfortable, and he got really mad abt it and basically went on a rant abt free speech in our next class. ironically he was already planning on talking abt free speech for that class. he’s been pretty passive since saying stuff like “we’re adults here so we can have mature adult conversations” and it makes me scared to say anything honestly. thank you for your comment tho it’s helped reassure me abt this whole thing.

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