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Dec 4 18
Does anyone feel so over dressed for anything in a fur coat/gilet or like any fur clothing? I dont know what it is i just dont dare leave the house in my fur coats as i feel way over dressed 😂 am i being silly haha
Dec 4 18
I feel the same, unless I’m walking the streets of NYC I’d feel odd. But hey, wear what makes you feel good someday
Dec 4 18
@adwww98 its so strange because its literally just like any other jackets but I just feel so overdressed for shopping or something. Love the way they look too but just not confident enough😂
Dec 4 18
I wear a long white pea coat everywhere in the winter, it looks pretty dressy but it’s warm and functional and I love it! Always get compliments on it too.
Dec 4 18
Never heard of a pea coat.. whats one of those?
Dec 4 18
@marnslongx like this!
Dec 4 18
I always wear my fur gilet out I love it this time of year
Dec 4 18
@aurielle ohh i see! Yes those are lovely coats for winter 😍❄️ dont know what i would even call one of those but iv never heard it as a pea coat

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