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May 12
So I’ve had sex with my current boyfriend probably 10ish times. I am new to sex, but I’ve noticed something every time we have Intercourse; I get a really uncomfortable pressure inside of me like I have to pee, and almost every time I need to stop and use the restroom and sure enough, I pee a lot. I don’t know why having sex makes me need to pee so bad. It’s not pleasurable when it gets like that; and no, it’s not an orgasmic pressure build-up. (No worries, I know what that feels like lol). Does anyone else have this issue? Also, any advice on how to climax from just vaginal penetration without clitoral stimulation? He’s amazing at eating me out, and I know how good his previous sex life was w his ex (he told me ab it when we were just friends for a while) so I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Sorry this is so lengthy- i appreciate any help/ advice!
May 12
this may be a stupid question, but have you tried peeing before sex? i’ve never experienced that before so i’m not too sure. also, not everyone can climax from just vaginal penetration, including myself! not to say that you can’t, but you may not be able to. also try not to compare yourself to his ex, i’m sure you’re doing absolutely nothing wrong. try to communicate with each other to see what y’all like, don’t like, etc.
May 12
You’re not doing anything wrong! Most people cannot orgasm from penetration with a penis alone, the vaginal walls themselves don’t have many nerves at all (similar to the back of your hand) and penises are not the right shape/size to bang the clit from the inside, fingers or toys are better although even then you shouldn’t stress if you cant orgasm that way. Just add some clitoral stimulation during vaginal sex. When you have sex its normal to feel pressure in your bladder as your muscles are contracting down there, just make sure to pee before and relax (it still could be an orgasm as ‘vaginal’ ones usually feel different to external clitoral orgasms) x
May 12
Just to add to what was said before, I've also heard that some girls feel that sensation when they are about to squirt. But idk if that's related in any way.
May 12
Peeing before sex definitely helps that feeling. It used to happen to me but now I just pee before and I don’t have to stop to go in the middle of it. Also, many women can’t climax just from penetration. I use a vibrator during sex and it’s been game changing for both of us.

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